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Mountain Cove Capital Management is a fundamental global long/short equity fund founded in 2013 by Aushrif Javeed. The fund is focused on technology, consumer goods, and special situations, with a strict adherence to risk management practices to limit drawdowns and maximize returns. 

The competitive advantages of the fund include the investment strategy generating returns with a low correlation to the overall broader markets, the short book managed as a profit center and a disciplined, scalable, and repeatable investment process.

Meet Aushrif Javeed


Aushrif Javeed is the Founder and Portfolio Manager of Mountain Cove Capital Management, which was established in 2013. Mr. Javeed received a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics and Economics from Yale University. 

Prior to founding Mountain Cove Capital, Mr. Javeed worked as an analyst for Kleinheinz Capital Partners from 2009 to 2012. Kleinheinz Capital was a privately held investment advisor that managed approximately $2 billion during Mr. Javeed’s tenure. There he focused on global investments in a variety of sectors, including Technology, Telecom, and Consumer Goods. Before joining Kleinheinz Capital, Mr. Javeed worked as a Technology Analyst at SAC Capital and also in Technology Mergers & Acquisitions for the Lehman Brothers.

Mountain Cove’s Investment Philosophy




  • Diligent and thorough research process including management meetings, site visits, and company models
  • Selection focuses on securities that change or disrupt the industry, such as companies with unique platform systems, a scalable business model, or a sustainable technological advantage 
  • Locate specific investments in early innings of long-term growth projections where product cycle is under-appreciated 
  • Find industries positioned for multi-year recovery due to structural industry changes

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1401 Foch Street
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If you wish to contact us, or have any questions about Mountain Cove Capital, please email Investor Relations at ir@mountaincovecapital.com